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Revo Phone Repair service Policy


We at Revo provide different types of warranty to ensure you satisfy with our services.


Apple/Samsung/Google/Huawei/LG/Motorola Phone

Screen - Lifetime warranty (for premium screen) / 90 days warranty (for standard screen) (*) 

Battery - 90 days

Parts - 12 months (*) 

Board repair - 30 days

Water damage - 14 days warranty on the parts we replace


*Revo warranty covers parts against failure but not against physical damage or liquid damage. Please note that all warranties will be voided if the device is not properly functioning due to physical/liquid damage.


** Warranty is linked to a specific device (identified by IMEI or serial number) and to a specific Customer as identified by the records on our system.


*** Warranty will be voided if any person/company other than Revo repairs the device during the warranty period.



14 days refund policy for unopened/unused product (must be in the same sealed package with the original receipt to be eligible for a refund)

What is covered under Revo LIFETIME warranty?

Revo ensures the functionality of the parts. we provide a lifetime warranty on certain parts that we replaced and our labor. For example, we replaced the screen for your device. The touchscreen becomes nonresponsive and there is no physical/liquid damage to the device, we will replace the screen for you free of charge under our lifetime warranty.


What is covered under Revo limited warranty?


Revo provides 90-day limited warranty on the battery due to the nature of the lifespan of the battery. The lifespan of the battery depends on the frequency of charge, how the device is used, the temperature, and many other factors. Since the battery would deteriorate over time naturally, we provide 90-day warranty on the battery we replace to ensure the performance of the battery. For example, we placed the battery for your device and the device is not charging properly due to a defective battery, we will replace a new battery for you free of charge. However, if the charging port is the reason for not charging, the cost to replace the charging port is not included in our warranty.


Board repair:

For board repair, we provide 30-day warranty on the parts we repair/replace for you. Since micro-soldering is performed for board repair service, the repair time is longer than other types of repair (eg. Battery replacement). Please note that there is the risk of losing data or power after board work so we suggest you back up your phone before proceeding to board repair service. Although our technicians are experienced in performing board repair, the device might not able to power on if the repair is not successful in rare cases as micro-soldering work could be extremely difficult. We would only charge you if we successfully repair your device.


Water damage:

Repairing water-damaged devices could sometimes be tricky as the internal device condition might worsen when opening the device for repair purposes. Although unlikely, opening the device could initiate further damage and in some cases may be very serious and/or irreparable. Our trained technicians are experienced in repairing water-damaged devices; however, we cannot guarantee that all water-damaged devices could be fixed as we do not know the internal working conditions of the device before we actually open it. We will provide a repair estimate and let you know the parts that are required to be changed if applicable. The good news is that we do not charge for the unsuccessful repair and we back our repairs up with a 14 days warranty for the parts we replace. However, we do not provide a warranty on other parts of the device that may begin to malfunction due to the liquid damage once the repair is complete. In rare cases, the device might be initially working properly after the repair, but additional problems would incur as the liquid damage might have a further impact over time. For example, your camera was not working and we replaced it, and we will ensure the functionality of the camera within 14 days warranty period. However, we would not warranty if the earpiece is not working.


What is not covered under Revo warranty?

Any accidental damage, including physical and liquid damage, would void the warranty. Additionally, the warranty will be voided if any person/company other than Revo repairs the device during the warranty period.


Will my device be liquid resistant after a repair?

Although we use the same seals as the manufacturer of your device when putting everything back together, we cannot guarantee waterproofing or resistance as IP rating (aka Ingress Protection) cannot be re-instated once the device has been opened.



How does the onsite repair service work?


To require an onsite repair service, simply select your device type and desired services on our website. You can provide additional notes to describe the device problem and find the available date that works best for you. You could also send us an email or give us a call to set up an appointment. We will contact you prior to your appointment date to confirm your appointment.

Our technician will come to the address that you provided at the scheduled time and perform the service for you. Most services can be completed within 60 minutes. If it is not possible to repair the device on-site, we will collect your device, repair and deliver it back to you.

We offer FREE onsite repair service within 10 km radius of our store. If your location is outside 10 km radius, please contact us for a quote on the additional convenience fee. Please note that the non-refundable onsite repair charge would be applicable if you decide not to repair the device after our technician comes to your location. However, you could reschedule the appointment time if you find that you won’t be at the location you booked at the scheduled time. We could help you adjust your appointment to a new location or change the appointment date for you free from charge.


How does the walk-in service work?

Visit our store and get your device fixed! We recommend booking an appointment online to save your waiting time, but walk-ins are always welcome. We offer a $10 off discount for a limited time when you book an appointment online!


How does the collect & deliver service work?

We understand that you have a busy schedule and might not have time to wait for your device to be repaired. No worries! Our collect & deliver service can accommodate your schedule.


Pick up & Delivery:

We can collect your device from the location you provide for repairing and deliver it back to you after repair work is completed. If the pick and delivery location are within 10 km of our store, we will pick up your device for FREE. If your location is outside 10 km radius, please contact us for a quote on the additional convenience fee. Simply book online or reach us by email/phone to schedule a pickup. Once your repair is completed, we will contact you to schedule a delivery time to deliver the device back to you.

There would be a non-refundable pick-up and delivery charge of $30 to be included in your invoice if you decide not to repair the device after our technician picks up your device or perform the free diagnosis. Upon receiving the payment, we will deliver your device back to you.


Mail-in service:

Simply fill out our Mail-in Repair From, follow the instruction and send us your device through any courier you prefer. Remember to pack your device securely. We suggest using the secure Canada Post mailing box available at any Canada Post location starts at $3.99.

After we receive the device, our technician will perform a full functional check. Upon your approval, we start repair service at no time. We will keep you updated about the repair progress and ship back the device to your address after completion. Please check here for more details.


Will I be updated throughout the repair process?

Yes! We will notify you when we have the result from the full function check for your device and the repair is completed so you are up to date with your device repair progress.


What kind of parts do you use to repair my device?

At Revo, we aim to offer our customers a wide range of repair options to suit all budgets. We get our parts from different distributors to provide both manufacturer original or high-quality compatible parts for your device.


Why do you need my PIN or passcode? Is my data safe with you?

We advise everyone to provide the passcode as our technicians need to perform a full functional check before and after the repair work. They undergo a series of tests that include touch sensitivity, speaker and camera. And Yes! Your privacy is our priority and we have taken special measures to ensure your data will always be kept safe.


Do I need to back up my data before a repair?

We recommend that you back up your device prior to proceeding with repair work for extra security. You could reset the device to the factory settings but it is completely up to you.

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