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iPad 2 (9.7") Repair Cost in Toronto

If the screen on your iPad 2 (9.7") is shattered , it may be harmed. We understand that if your camera breaks or your screen goes black, you'll want it fixed quickly so you can resume using the iPad 2 (9.7")'s wonderful features. No matter how little the crack on your screen is, the entire screen will need to be replaced, and the repair will only take about 1 Hour.


Standard Screen Replacement

The screen is damaged (eg. cracks, unresponsive touchscreen, etc.) or there are lines/black spots on the screen.

*3 Months Warranty


Premium Screen Replacement

The screen is damaged (eg. cracks, unresponsive touchscreen, etc.) or there are lines/black spots on the screen.

*Lifetime Warranty



Battery Replacement

The battery won’t charge or it drops suddenly that it does not support your normal usage.

*3 Months Warranty



Back Glass Replacemnt 

The back cover of your device is broken and needs a replacement.

Please Contact


Charging Port Replacemment

The device won’t charing properly or it is unresponsive when charging.

*12 Months Warranty



Back Camera Replacement

The back camera is not working properly results in blurry pictures or not being able to take a back-facing picture.

*12 Months Warranty




Front Camera Replacement

The front camera is not working properly resulting in blurry pictures or not being able to take a selfie. Replace the front camera might disable the face-ID feature. 

*12 Months Warranty



Earpiece Speaker Replacement

The sound from the top speaker is low that you cannot hear it well.

*12 Months Warranty



Loudspeaker Replacement

The sound from the bottom speaker is low or it has no sound at all.

*12 Months Warranty



Back Camera Lens Replacement

There are scratches or cracks on your back camera glass cover result in blurry or spotty picture.

Please Contact

Water Damage


The device had liquid contact and it cannot function properly or is unable to turn on. 

$129 + Parts if Required


Board Repair 

The device has board-related issues (eg. Touch IC, Audio IC, etc.) that require micro soldering work. Please note that there are risks when performing micro-soldering on motherboards (eg. Data loss, power loss, etc.) 

From $129



Unsure about the problem with your phone? Come in for a diagnosis and we will check it for FREE!


Have you cracked your iPad 2 (9.7") Screen or does it appear to be faulty? Revo Phone Repair will repair your iPad 2 (9.7") swiftly and easily.

Replace your shattered screen with a high-quality iPad 2 (9.7") Replacement right now. We can fix anything wrong with your iPad 2 (9.7"). So, if you're having problems with your gadget, schedule a repair right away. We are professionals in iPad 2 (9.7") Repairs throughout Toronto.

iPad 2 (9.7") Screen Replacement

If you have shattered the screen on your iPad 2 (9.7"), it has developed a defect, or it is significantly scratched and you want it replaced, please contact us.

iPad 2 (9.7") Battery Replacement

Is your battery depleting quickly, not working as it should, or showing a battery status on your iPhone settings that is less than 80%? I'm confident you'll agree that your iPad 2 (9.7")'s battery needs to be changed.

iPad 2 (9.7") Back Glass Replacement

If you have damaged the back / rear glass on your iPad 2 (9.7"), our professionals can fix it using high-quality repair parts. We replace the rear glass on your iPad 2 (9.7") using a specialised laser removal procedure.
  • Does my phone come with warranty?
    Apple/Samsung/Google/Huawei/LG/Motorola Screen & parts - Lifetime Warranty(*) Battery - 12 months Board repair - 1 month Water damage - 14 days warranty on the parts we replace *Revo warranty covers parts against failure but not against physical damage or liquid damage. Please note that all warranties will be voided if the device is not properly functioning due to physical/liquid damage. ** Warranty is linked to a specific device (identified by IMEI or serial number) and to a specific Customer as identified by the records on our system. *** Warranty will be voided if any person/company other than Revo repairs the device during the warranty period.
  • How long does a repair take?
    Our quick repair service is something we take pleasure in. The majority of our repairs may be finished at our service centres in just 1 hour, however some repairs for tablets, laptops, and postal repairs can take up to 72 hours.
  • I only have a small crack on my screen do I need a full-screen replacement?
    Yes, we do a full-screen replacement regardless of the size of the crack in your screen and all our OEM screen replacements come with a lifetime warranty!
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